DOOGEE MIX Review – Good Phone?

Key Features
  • 5.5 Inch Super AMOLED Display
  • Thin Bezels
  • Front and Back Made From Gorilla Glass 5
  • Fast Fingerprint Scanner
Quick Summery

The DOOGEE MIX is a very good-looking phone with a large screen, small body and very comfortable to hold in the hand. This phone has a good combination of looks and performance.

Phone Design

The main standout feature on this phone is its design, large screen, small bezels, gorilla glass 5 front and back with a metal frame around the edges. All of these combined, make this a very good-looking phone, a phone that will get a lot of attention.

With this phone having thin bezels the front facing camera has been moved to the far bottom right, the fingerprint scanner is on the bottom bezel and the USB port is on the bottom of this phone, although it is slightly off centre. On the top you will find it 3.5 mil headphone jack.

Phone Display

Is quite surprising to find a Samsung Super AMOLED display screen phone at this price, but the DOOGEE MIX has one. The colours are very vibrant, blacks are deep and detail is quite good. Although the resolution is 720p (which is a bit disappointing) the screen is quite good. However, if the screen was 1080p then it would really put this phone in a league of its own in this price category.

Phone Performance

The CPU is acid quite good on this phone, it’s not a powerhouse base good enough to get the job done. This phone will play games, however, the device will get hot. This phone is also quite good at multitasking and there is no noticeable lag.

The GPS signals quite good on this phone and does not lose signal. The fingerprint scanner performance is very good as you will find is fast and responsive to touch.


This phone comes with what is these days an average battery and you can expect days’ worth of moderate use out of it. This phone supports fast charging and can take up to 1h and 45 minutes to charge

User Interface

The DOOGEE custom user interface is horrible. It looks very cartoonish and has random floating shortcuts around screen which are more annoying than helpful.

The general performance of the user interface is quite good, switching between apps and swiping screens is pretty quick. However, I can see most people switching to a custom user interface as the one that comes with this phone is not the best.

The Cameras

On the back you get your camera which takes good pictures for a phone at this price, but nothing spectacular. The front facing camera can be disappointing at times, the general picture is okay and I would even bother and in low light.

With the video cameras, again, you get okay performance for a phone at this price point, but don’t expect it to be high quality.

To Sum Up

This phone is all about looks, if your main motive for buying a phone is purely looks, then you can go wrong with this one as it looks absolutely fantastic with its glass body and metal frame, this phone is sure to turn heads.

Along with great looks, the performance isn’t too bad either, more than good enough to not get frustrated with the, however, I highly recommend in changing the user interface.

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