UMIDIGI Crystal Smartphone

Key Features
  • Thin Bezels
  • 5 Inch Screen
  • 1920×1080 Full HD Display
  • Small Size
  • 4GB RAM
  • Fingerprint Scanner

Please note: there are two versions of the UMIDIGI Crystal, on this page you will find info for the higher spec Smartphone, where as the other one has half the RAM (2GB), have the storage space (32GB), lower spec processor and graphics processor.

Quick Summery of The UMIDIGI Crystal

Overall this is a decent phone considering how little you pay for it. You won’t get blazing performance and some of the functions have hiccups here and there, this is to be expected on a phone at this price point. However, if your main reason for buying a new phone is for design only, then this phone definitely fits the bill with it’s very thin bezels and large screen to body design.


The main feature and selling point of this phone is its borderless design, however, this is not completely true as there is a very thin bezel that is visible.

Both the front and back of the phone are Gorilla glass 4. Having glass on the back is a nice touch and definitely makes the phone look more premium.

On the bottom of this phone you will find a USB C port as well as the speakers. There is a fingerprint scanner is on the back. This phone comes with a headphone jack which is located on the top of the phone. With there being an extremely thin bezel on the top, you may be wondering where the front cameras is located? You will find the camera on the bottom left-hand corner and the notification light just by the front camera.

The speakers are above average on this phone with decent sound going through the headphone jack and loud enough speakers to hear things clearly.


This Smartphones comes with a 5.5 inch SHARP screen that has a full 1080p HD resolution. The screen to body ratio is 88%, this means the front is practically all screen.


This phone has a Mediatek MTK6750T 1.5 GHz octo-core processor. The process is nothing to shout home about as it will give you mediocre performance and is known to drain the battery because of it power consumption. For the average user, the processor should be fine, however, for the more advanced user who performs more advanced tasks, will find this process a frustrating.

What this phone lacks in processor, it more than makes up for in RAM. Boasting 4 GB of RAM, it has more than enough RAM to make sure the majority of the general phone operations run as smoothly as possible most of the time.

When it comes to gaming, do not expect to play the latest HD resource eating games as this phone as it will struggle. However, games that require less power should be fine.

This phone comes with a decent sized battery at 3000 mAh. With moderate use, you can expect around 1-1.5 days of battery use.

User Interface

This phone comes with Android 7.0 and has a very light UMIDIGI user interface put on top of the stock android 7.0. The general user interface runs quite well and you only notice lag in performance when you try to do too many things at once, however, performing single operations such as going to the Internet then switching to writing a text message are generally fine.


On the back, this phone has a dual camera and it uses a Samsung dual lens 13MP & 5MP cameras. Although this phone uses a Samsung camera the quality is a bit hit and miss. With the perfect lighting, you can take some pretty decent pictures, however, with the lighting not in your favour, some of the pictures can be quite horrendous.

If you’re thinking of taking pictures at night time, you’ll be extremely disappointed as pictures taken at night seem to be really bad.

The front facing camera is 5 MP but takes surprisingly good pictures considering it’s only five MP.

To Sum Up

If you’re expecting a Samsung or Apple-like quality at this point, then you’ll be left extremely disappointed as you will get nothing near that. However, for around £115-£125, this phone isn’t too bad. The looks of this phone suggest it costs more than it is, however, specs represent the price point.

Like I said before, if you’re just a general phone user looking for a nice looking phone that has a big screen to body ratio and extremely thin bezels, then you should seriously consider this phone.

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